27. Januar 2018 - 10:00
AustriaFloridsdorfFrömmlgasse 311210

Samstag, 27. Januar 2018, Floridsdorf, New - Expandable Baton Multiplier

SAMICS new series of courses offers the possibility for a professional instructor training in use of the Expandable Baton (EBC).
Our newly developed EBC - Expandable Baton Concept is a 6-step modular training system. The system is based on best-practice techniques and training focuses on the development of both defensive and offensive skills for use by operative forces, law enforcement agencies, security services and interested civilians.
The content of each module is self-contained, whereby Module 1 is the base requirement for subsequent training modules.
On successful completion of the 6 module series candidates will be certified to hold their own EBC training courses.

Target Groups
• Law enforcement officers and trainers
• Correctional facility officers and trainers
• Military personnel
• Security personnel
• Self-defense and martial art instructors
• Interested civilians with a wish to learn EBC

Course content – Module 1 Basics
• Theory (legal topics, tactics, target zones)
• Carrying
• Grip
• Opening
• Stance
• Strike techniques - expanded and closed
• Defense techniques - expanded and closed
• Baton handling
• Baton tactics
• Baton protection
• Baton retention
• Escapes (hands, chokes, bear-hugs, etc.)
• Defense against strikes and kicks
• Structuring a course for students
• Introduction to didactic methods and techniques (stress, reaction training etc.)

Head instructor
Peter Weckauf, SAMI Combat Systems (Theory/Practice)

• Minimum 18 years of age
• No criminal record
• The optimal requirements for this course are previous occupational experience and/or multiple year experience in a martial art or combat sport
False statements in regard to age or criminal record will result in exclusion from the training course. The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation at any time without statement of reason.

Module 1 – Basics
Module 2 – Control - Standing tactics
Module 3 – Control - Ground tactics
Module 4 – Armed attacks
Module 5 – Team work
Module 6 – Specials

Costs: 200,- Euro

New - Expandable Baton Multiplier

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